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February 7, 2013


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Time to speak up on something! (LONG journal)

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 7, 2013, 12:28 PM
Well before I get to what I need to get to....comics....oh yeah I got a lot coming.  Before Unicon my goal is 2 more comics and 2 more DBZ pony pics.  I want DBZ Dash and DBZ Alicorn Twilight done...DBZ Dash is kick @$$.  :D  SO yeah stay tuned for that.  

Now here's the main journal topic.  Hope you hear me out on this cause I think it's time someone with a stronger voice in the fandom spoke on this.  It's long so if you want to read it not here....go to this….

Ok…now comes a topic I really have been dying to speak up about.  This is becoming an annoyance not just with me but many people in the fandom.  Bear with me on this cause it's a LOT of stuff.  It may seem it's just about me whining or complaining but this will try and be as critical but respectable as possible.  I've been noticing a lot of problem with the Equestria Daily site lately it frankly it's really pissed me off and now I hit the breaking point….again.

Here's the main issue…people have to understand EQD is one man's site.  It's Sethisto's site....a blog if you will and it's always been like that.  It's not an independent news site which the fandom DESPERATELY needs and one free from controversy on being bias to certain musicians/artists/writers.  EQD is not built like one….and whatever he WANTS to put on, goes up and that has angered a significant amount of people in the fandom.  Weird huh.  I've seen many inconsistent things with the site and it's just really getting weird.  Random stuff like what goes into posts, the news that is posted, convention news that gets delayed for days, etc.  Just a bunch of stuff that has irked me.   Lately I've sent in all my comics but only ONE in my last 8 comics has been featured.  Why?  Well I don't know why.  They don't tell anyone anymore if their stuff will go up or not.  Not even a simple "to the queue" anymore.  It's frustrating beyond belief and I know my comics aren't for the target demographic of the fandom.  They are more general but do they care…..actually no which is surprising to me because I know many other artists that are like me.

Anyway moving away from me, there's another problem I'm seeing and that is musicians and their share of the spotlight.  I'm in very good standing with plenty of the musicians and I feel their annoyance when they don't get feedback from stuff they send in.  It all gets mashed into the music of the day post sometimes.  Remember how that was supposed to be an everyday thing?  Well I clearly haven't seen that live up to the hype or standard of putting the music from THAT day out.  I've seen so much duplicate music in there it's really frustrating for a new musician who may have got a new song good enough to make it into that only to get push aside by a song featured in a previous one.

A third thing what I think if more frustrating are the Drawfriends and god knows how they can be.  Some things are getting in there 2 and 3 times.  That's just maddening to see that.  Sure it's comical to a point but if this is supposed to be the #1 site in the fandom shouldn't there be like a filter or something on that?  That's just giving more exposure to a piece that has already gotten in.  I remember on a few comic posts I've seen that which is actually more embarrassing than comical.  I really miss how the Drawfriends usually would be at night rather during the middle of the day.  You could get an idea for how much art was done on that one entire day and it was just a cool thing to see how much art was done and it was usually at a fixed time.  Now it's all over the place on when it's featured.

Fourth, I just want to tackle this one.  The issue of contests and standards.  It's no secret EQD has raised their standards since August and that REALLY hurt the middle person in the fandom and actually it's affected me as well.  They aren't posting my stuff and others anymore because of their new standard of trying to showcase the top 15% of the fandom.  Trust me I know this.  How in the hell is the middleman artist/musician suppose to get noticed if he/she can't make it past that insanely high standard.  I remember when EQD took roughly the top 40% of the fandom's work.  It was still high but it wasn't impossible for the average artist to say "hey I got featured, thanks!".  Now you RARELY see that…the standards are so high that it's killing what made the site great in the first place.   Remember how EQD used to do banner contests?  Remember how they did holiday contests?  Remember how they used to make music posts feature people by Vocal, remix, etc?  Now it's all thrown into the music of the day post which is insanely lazy to me.  I know the site is more "business like" now but that's just not true at all because it's STILL A BLOG and whatever one guy says goes.  That's not a business like site….it's borderline dictatorship if you have that much power on what is suppose to be a FAN BASED site.

Oh, I didn't touch on the fanfic writers and I apologize for that.  You guys do have fan fiction but I do respect fanfics getting a chance to get on EQD.  Share the wealth.  Again I want to see an independent site open up and Everfree Network will be launching one up like that where it will allow many more people to get a chance to show off what they got to offer up.  It will still have standards but not the "top 15%" or something standards EQD appears to have set now.  

Lastly, I did pitch many new ideas to the Equestria Daily staff to make stuff fairer for everyone and one was to give comic artist/musicians the chance to get featured in a unique way.  Group the "popular people" stuff into separate feature posts and assign them to specific days of the week.  The rest you can designate for the middle of the road or less well known people for other days of the week.  It's a win-win for everyone…..but they denied it which I was actually not surprised.  I also told them to hire more staff if they were concerned about so much new content coming into the site and they didn't want to do that.  

Anyway let me know what you think.  Sorry if this was so long.  Call me a jerk if you want or you can agree with what I said but again I just wanted to share what many people are feeling like in the fandom to this issue.  IDK why people haven't been speaking out if they were afraid or the backlash that comes with it but I'm not afraid to speak what's on my mind.  People who know me know how vocal I can be so I'll be curious to read and see if other people will share their opinions more.  For the middle of the road artists to get a chance to get more exposure and anytime you can help out the smaller people in the fandom I'm for it.  Let EQD know how you's the only way they MAY change.

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Ominousprime7 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
I am surprised to read all these comics on here. I would have expected a higher support. I can understand your issues with this problem and I agree. The issues which arise being that if this website is the number 1 location for information on the community (which it seems it is) then news gets regurgitated and contributors are going to remain unknown for quite a while.

I love these comics and there is no need for them to remain hidden. if I finish my story and it gets somewhat popular I would like it to be featured on EQD as well. I have no expectation of their acceptance but I'm alright with that. Regardless, they need to fix some things.

Hope the best for ya. Looking forward to DBZ Dash. Not sure how it can compare to Derpy though. OH! You should do a Derpy vs RD DBZ style! Similar to ponyKillerx's idea. [link]
RookieOwl Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Meh I only look on there for news, when it comes to any kind of art that's why I'm on DA :meow:
Stoogal Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
its comics about a kids show not being uploaded to a website being run by adults. stop making it bigger than it really is.
Ominousprime7 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
A comic about a kid's show not being uploaded to a website being ran by adults who are fans of a kid's show in support for the fandom of said show.

Therefore, your logic is flawed.
Stoogal Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
are you blind? you make the show more than what it really is. its a show about colored horses for girls age 4-12. gudnight little jimmy.
Ominousprime7 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
My name is Little Billy.
Toxic-Mario Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
firadart Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
Jut there for the pictures and comics. Nothing more, nothing less.
But didn't I see your art a lot on your site?i mean most of the pony artist on my deviant watch had come from there.
RaenBoow Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Grammatics are important. Therefore I will question certain words here if that's ok :)

First: "EQD is one man's site." I have so far been under this impression myself :thumbsup:

Second: "They don't tell anyone anymore if their stuff will go up or not." ... " They are more general but do they care"

Now: If it's a ONE MAN's site... then why do you write "They"? Please explain fully.
Fundz64 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can answer that

The 'impression' you and many others get that EqD is run by 'one' person is the fact the website is basically run by *Sethisto's image.
However, Toxic implied 'they' because our dear Seth doew in fact have a small group of moderators that help him generate the website; to deal not only with emails of feature-requests and events, but also news and marketing. You see that banner on the side? '10% off code on Welovefine'? It didn't find it's way there by accident. ;)

true, it might be better to have more helping hands- but that's only for the chief-in-staff to decide for that.

speaking from experience...
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