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June 23, 2013
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Watch and Learn by Toxic-Mario Watch and Learn by Toxic-Mario
Ok....time for Octavia's turn to get in the DBZ MLP action. ;) It's kind of funny, people are like...."what character is _____". Oddly enough most of these I don't really go in thinking that a certain character needs to be X. Octavia for example I picked up after watching one attack in DBZ. I liked it and ran with it. :P

Anyway this one I really am happy in came out nice. As you can probably tell....if I did Octavia you can bet I will do Vinyl Scratch. I have 4 ideas for her....just need to pick on and run with it. :)

Octavia Hasbro
Art Me
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Her greatest weapon is her music. ^-^
The Standing Kamehameha? I can't think of anything better for that pose
"In the Qilin culture, Qhi is a metaphysical life force energy which all living things generate and is surrounded by, and according to the Qilin is essential for balance in nature. The nature of one's and its level Qhi is determined by factors such as physical vigor, emotional strength and purity of the inner self. 

During my ten years study of music in the lands of the Qilin, I came in touch, and was later taught, in the use and application of Qhi by my teachers. Qhi-based abilities is best made manifested through martial arts, and my master was a music and martial arts master, and he combined both to create a Qhi-based form of Music Magic. 

After I finished my training I went on to learn other techniques under different masters, train my own abilities and develop my own styles. 

According to him, one's Qhi, when properly trained and focused, could be projected and used for a variety of effects, of which self-defense is merely ONE application. For example...

[Octavia stood up on her hind hooves, and concentrated upon her front hooves. Through channeling her own power, the air around her front hoof shimmers with a glowing power, which then morphed to become a glowing manifestation of a western style harp]

[She pranged a string, softly, but a mere second later one of the marble pillars placed in front of her for demonstration shattered into pieces as a barely visible razor of Qhi/Earth-pony energy sliced it at the center]

This is originally called the 'Qilin Harp', an Adept move of the ORIENT SYMPHONY style, the first style I was taught, at only 20% power, but my apprentice Lyra later redeveloped it, on her own initiative, into her own unique style known as the MUSICANA, where this move is now known as the 'Razor Harp', her own signature attack.

[She returned to playing, a stanza from a Qilinese harp piece called 'Decree of the Sichuan General', and one by one twenty more demonstration marble pillars was taken apart by razor energy blasts, this time visible under full power. Rather than flying into pieces, however, this time they were all nearly sliced, and all of them soon fell apart under]

During the Canterlot invasion, what I used to beat back many Changeling swarms was merely the martial arts component of my Qhi abilities. I was only beginning to move onto Qhi-attacks when the shield came back on and drove them out. A curious fact: The Qilin was able to only able to master Qhi because they were biologically evolved to be able to instinctively tap and manipulate it, and even then, it takes centuries of their long life-times to reach supreme refinement of a master. Non-Qilins like us shouldn't ever be able to ever reach their level of control with our poor Qhi reserves.

However, what they never expected was that Qhi could be replaced with different forms of life-force energies. I learnt to supplement by own insufficient reserves with my own earth-pony magic, and because of this combination I was able to reach, to my teacher surprise, master level abilities within ten years what they took centuries. 

If I was able to achieve such power levels using both Earth-pony magic and Qhi, what happens, may I ask, when unicorns and pegasi are able to tap, train and use these Qhi-abilities combined with their own magical prowess?"

--- Octavia, Cellist, member of the Canterlot Symphony Orchestra, senior master of the ORCHESTRA OMNIBUS, the combined styles of all known music/magic/martial arts Qhi-techniques, to an observer audience of Royal Guards, Princesses and family members seeing a demonstration of her powers.
MeganekkoPlymouth241 Jul 13, 2013  Student Interface Designer
:icondrakebellplz::iconsaysplz:"I'm, when do I start learning?"
Zoroark93 Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
you'll start learning, after she rips you face off! lol
Shockingly...I was hoping you would do Octavia. Glad to see you did.
KYVEX Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
BadAss major powerhouse Octavia .... i really like it.
I'm a bit fuzzy, what scene was this from?

BTW, I really like how your fine dust effects have gotten better and better over time. You want to put a lot of detail into these pictures and it shows wonderfully.
Toxic-Mario Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just picked a random attack XD
Glad to see some Octavia. This is awesome.
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