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December 28, 2011
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Sticky Situation by Toxic-Mario Sticky Situation by Toxic-Mario
Oh yeah a CMC comic. Think it's been 2 months since I did a pure CMC one and boy did this turn out good in my book. The paper sketches of these panels were some of the worst I've done and that made my lineart task in photoshop more of a pain that usual. However I did it! :iconlunahuzzahplz:

Please tell me I wasn't the only one that thought what would happen if Applebloom and Sweetie Belle saw Scootaloo stuck to the pole. :icondashlolplz: I kept this canon right up until the last was suppose to be a sweet little comic but I decided instead to completely change it and go for a comedic approach with Derpy.

Discord - "what do you think, you like?" I think the overwhelming response to this comic will be "yes, I like very much!". :P This was not an easily comic at all. I work ALL freaking night to get this out in 2 days. :faint: Somehow I pulled it off and I'm paying for it today. Now if you'll excuse me I need a nap. Comments guys?

Time spent: 18-19 hours over 5 days
How I did it?: Paper + Photoshop CS5

PLEASE don't COPY, trace, or recolor any of this WITHOUT asking me. Remember to link this back to me if you put this on a site or something.

Scootaloo, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Derpy Lauren Faust
Art Me
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You did VERY well. Everything looks like it was made by the animators, instead of 1 person. If you did this in only two days, even better. Hasbro should hire you for an animation job XD. Possibly the only off thing was Sweetie Belle's expressions. They seem to be a little misrepresentative of the dialogue. Apple Bloom's expressions fit well, I understand that you would probably not want them to have mirror expressions, but be careful that you don't deviate SO much that one face looks unrelated. Sorry for the in-depth description of the expressions, but i realized that I needed at least 100 words. Keep up the excellent work!
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This is a very good...for lack of a better word "Copy" of the art style used on the show. You have the characters looks and behaviors nearly down to a science. And buy that background looks like it was a pain in the arse to draw as well XD. for me there is just one thing that could have made it...,maybe more realistic and maybe a little bit funnier.

If you had made the text reflect how somebody would actually talk..for example.

"I gut myshhhel stuk on thish ting get mee off"

It could have made it a little more funny.

But its an awesome piece and a very Christmasy one as well
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skygirl0201 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
Roman-Santos Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
candy canes. XD
toad528 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013
How are they pronouncing their consonants correctly?
AlexKazhdan Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wonder what will happen when Derpy's wings will get tired...
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I love Derpy
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oh dear
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Don't tell!
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HAHAHA! Good one!
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