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May 17, 2012
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Ok I WAS planning to get this comic out on Wednesday....but severe weather and the urge to film it was a much higher priority. But storms in the end sucked. :XD:

So yeah this was the comic I asked you all what could Rarity be holding that she got from Sweetie Belle. :) I saw the comment, "A Rock" and I laughed. IDK who it was but it was perfect. Anyway boutique's always tricky to make it.

So yeah hope you all got a laugh out of this one. Comments always help. DERP! :D

Time spent: 20hours over 4 days
How I did it: Paper + Photoshop CS5

PLEASE don't steal this. Remember to link this back to me if you put this on a site or something.

Sweeite Belle, Rarity Hasbro
Art Me
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OK! lets get down to buisness, follow these steps and sooner or .... nvm just a stupid thing from kitty0706. anyway, great work! i gotta say keep it up! anyway, quality..... AWESOME AS USUAL! so 5. originality, ive seen many of these jokes, so. 4.5. technique, i dunno how ya do it, but its great. 4.5. the joke, was great, but seen tons of this kind of joke, because of that one episode that she loved a rock. so 4.5. overall i would have to say 9.5/10 or a 4.5 . keep it up, love your work, make more, and dont worry! be happy! -Jakanddaxterfan51
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I think that the way you placed the story was in a amzing point of view. Your art is very beautiful and wonderful and most people would die for your amazing talent. Your originatlity is superb. But i do think every one new the little ponies have a little evil streak in them. The impact of the story confused me at first with the rock then i relized what happened. I was hoping at first she was going to give her some kind of very derp like out fit. I thought it would have made more sense ut then again that makes your work more original. Great job overall i do hope you make alot more like this one
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I would make a Tom joke, but the longer I stare at that rock, the more it reminds me of the rock that caused Rarity to find her destiny... You remember, the one that cracked open after Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom, and was full of gems and caused Rarity to get her cutie mark, You guys remember that, right?
looks like sweetiebell doesn't know what a gem is yet<br / />
Oh my Celestia! You killed Tom! DX
No, wait, thats just a rock.....or is it?
*Breaks it in half and finds a flawless diamond * WOW, that is one fine diamond!
GoldenPonyZ Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ARTEMIS56787 Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
OMG! TOM IS BACK! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! :icontomtherockplz:
KiaraXKovu Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
In episode 1 of season 2, Discord, comes back, and takes Rarity's genorosity away from her. Then she goes dillusional and thinks that a giant rock is a diamond! Hope that helped :).
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