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December 8, 2011
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Having a Blast by Toxic-Mario Having a Blast by Toxic-Mario
LOL I love some of the haters I have saying I don't draw difference poses or comics. Ummm...yeah keep saying what your saying. Just fuels my motivation to prove you guys wrong one comic at a time. I'm loving it! :iconfluttershyhappyplz:

Now onto the weekly episode based comic. Well this turned out 500 times better than it looked on paper. :D Seriously I knew I had to draw Sugar Cube Corner, more of ponyville, and the party cannon but man did this turn out nice. This is easily one of the best Pinkie pics I've done so far of her and Twilight.....well I still draw her the best. :iconcrazytwilightplz: Everything in this comic was completely drawn by me. The cannon...ok it was 80% vectored....seriously that I could never get right on paper.

Ok guys...this was a fun one to do. Nearly everything turned out awesome. I love being able to draw the MLP style. It's so much epicness although this won't be a featured on Equestria Daily.....hehehehe a rare time I get hashly denied. :XD: Oh Well, whatever! So guys...what you think? :D Comments?

Time spent: 17 hours over 4 days
Program: Paper + Photoshop CS5

PLEASE don't COPY, trace, or recolor any of this WITHOUT asking me. Remember to link this back to me if you put this on a site or something.

Twilight, Pinkie Lauren Faust
Art Me
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it's really good... i was sitting here trying to find a flaw. I cant find a thing. well... they seem a little puffier in the middle then they usually do. but that isn't really a complaint. just a "i noticed". I was happy to see some talk about the "before party". trying to make sense as to why none of the other ponies were freaked out by Pinkies cannon. one other little, "i noticed" is their mouths. when twilight frowns its not quite like the originals. Due to the fact that you may or may not have been trying to draw them like the originals i cant call this a flaw. that is your artistic touch maybe? but one thing i must say, you did a fantastic job on their eyes. over all i will defiantly give you all fives.
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Okay, so this is my first time so excuse me if I do a bad job.

Although you did a good ob with Pinkie, Twilight's head seems to be a bit small to her body when she is looking at Pinkie.

In the first frame, you'd think Pinkie would be happy. But, she doesn't seem to be. Although, I me be getting the wrong impression there.

In the fourth frame (Not counting the time) her head seems to be bigger to the rest of her body.

I do think you did a pretty go job, all in all though! ^-^

(I don't know what impact means :/ )
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YAY, party cannon!
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Fire the Party Cannon!!
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